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me and complain more than 20 years has been married, our sex life was good, but I had always observed a strong desire to sue my dear wife spread her legs for another cock guys, especially if its bigger than mine, I clung to a demand to go to the ages and fucked by another dick to be, she is very reserved, but pornrabbit finally it was a drunken night with another couple we met who had been pornrabbit in a restaurant, then back to a hotel our friends were staying, and Sue gets fucked in the parking lot of my classmates, I had seen go out, but do not really think he wanted to sue then and there, telling everyone how the taxi on the way home demand to me, who had just been fucked against the wall of the garage of my friend and I immediately got a hard when we got home we had some of the dirtiest sex we've had rampant. The next morning was a bit uncomfortable, but Sue just asked me if I liked Sloppy Seconds I just say that I loved, and has since taken several guys demand, someTimes when they could reach their friends, fuck, but Wil and I go home and tell me an idiot about it, she has two men who go on a regular basis, I leave out Tony 's apartment more two weekends a month and spend the weekend getting fucked silly by it, and sometimes one of his friends, well, I know this sounds like im crazy, but I love the second weekend we went out and had a couple Sue speaking rate when they came to our table, I asked who they were and they told me that the greatest man tried to enter their Nickers for months. I then pornrabbit asked him if he had taken, and they told me at a party at Tony and Tony, of course, told her that she is a great devil, and he wants a piece of what looked like, I laughed again and the two boys, I asked, complaining, why she thought she laughed and told me that he was probably because they know that one of pornrabbit the cuople friends have fucked me and think I do not know, the idea that these guys KNEw my wife was a bitch to me rock hard, we went home and poured a glass of wine to sue, pornrabbit and then called her lover, Tony explained that he had seen their companions, and were making fun of me Tony said that's because he told them that I know that Sue and I still have them fuck at home to fuck while Sue pornrabbit was on the phone to Tony that I was masturbating and when she told me that he shot my load, complain then get asked to bring it to Tony, she told me to clean my mess and make Tony on Sunday morning, I love beeing horns
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